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  1. Browsing - by selecting and following the links through the directory, or
  2. Text searching - using the search field at the top right of the screen.


The structure on is hierarchical, with each entry located at different levels in the hierarchy. For example, a Branch is part of a Division, which is part of a Department. When an organisation is selected, the available contact information, functional description and personnel details are displayed in the centre of the page. Subordinate units of that organisation are displayed in the right side menu box under the heading 'Subsections'.

Subordinate units that can be further expanded to display lower level elements will have 'plus' or 'minus' icons next to them. Clicking the 'plus' icon next to these units will display the lower level elements. Clicking the 'minus' icon will contract the list. The organisation displayed in the centre of the page is identified directly beneath the 'breadcrumb trail' and top page banner. The breadcrumb trail indicates the path taken through the directory.

You may select the 'home' link at the left of the breadcrumb trail, the top page banner, or the Australian coat-of-arms logo to return to the home page at any time.

Text searching

To perform a search, type the name of an organisation or service, or the surname of an individual or their role, into the search field at the top right of the page and press the GO button

If you are unsure of the spelling, type in as much as you know and the search results will show all close matches.

If your search returns a large number of results across a number of categories, three results per category will be displayed. To access more results, click on the 'see more results' link and the list will be expanded to a maximum of 10 per page. If only one category returns a result, all results will be listed with a maximum of 10 per page. To go to another page of results, select the page number, 'next', or 'previous'.

The default search is 'Any'. Your search can be refined by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu and/or selecting a particular arm of Government to search.

Can't find what you're looking for? does not contain contact details for every Australian Government employee, only senior staff, generally senior executive level personnel. does not contain State and Territory government information. It may be that the organisation or function you are looking for is a State or Territory body or responsibility. Links to State and Territory government directories can be found under 'Quick Links' on the home page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this organised? is a guide to the structure, organisations and key people in the Australian Government. Information in the site is grouped under the four key arms of government: the Commonwealth Parliament, the Courts, the Governor-General and Australian Government departments and agencies. Within each group, the information is structured as follows:

Government Departments and Agencies
Australian Government portfolios are at the first level of the directory. Within each portfolio are departments, other portfolio bodies and Ministers. Within each department and portfolio body there are smaller divisions, branches and related sub-organisations.
Commonwealth Parliament
Within the Commonwealth Parliament there is the ministry, the shadow ministry, listings of members of parliament and the parliamentary departments.
Within the Governor-General's entry are the Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General, the Federal Executive Council, the Council for the Order of Australia and the Australian Bravery Decorations Council.
Courts and Judges
The Courts and Judges group contains entries for the High Court, the Federal Court, the Family Court, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Federal Magistrates Court.

In addition to contact details and functional descriptions, entries for these organisations also contain contact details for key senior staff.

State and Territory Government Directories can be accessed via the links provided in the State & Territory Directories section of the home page.

I can't find State Government Offices does not list State and Territory Government offices and personnel. It does, however, provide contact details for the State and Territory offices of Australian Government organisations. State and Territory Government Directories can be accessed via the links provided in the State & Territory Directories section of the home page.

I can't find Local Government details does not list Local Government details. However a list of Local Governments online can be found at the Australian Local Government Association site.

I can't find the details of a particular officer who works in an Australian Government agency is not a listing of all Australian Government personnel - it contains only contact information for those senior staff provided by the relevant organisation.

How do I obtain mailing lists? does not provide mailing lists.

How do I find particular Government publications? does not list Government publications however there is a Government publications register available at

How up to date is

The information on is maintained by a network of updater's located within Australian Government organisations and are responsible for ensuring that the information for their organisation is current and accurate.

The Department of Finance is responsible for the ongoing operation and development of and makes this information available in good faith with the expectation that it is appropriately maintained by the author organisations. The Department of Finance does not warrant that the information is accurate, comprehensive or up to date. You should make your own inquiries before relying on the information in any important matter.

How do I become an updater?

Contact us via our feedback form.

Why do some agencies provide more detail than others?

The level of information provided is determined by each organisation.

How can I find all the positions that someone holds?

If you search by a person's name, will list all the positions that person holds.

Why are some email addresses missing?

The level of contact information provided is determined by each organisation.

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