National Environment Protection Council

EPHC Secretariat, John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600
Postal Address
c/-GPO Box 787, Canberra ACT 2601
(02) 6274 1819
(02) 6274 2505

Sets national environmental goals and standards for Australia, through National Environment Protection Measures. The Council stems from the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment, which came into effect on 1 May 1992. The Council has responsibility for making environment protection measures with the objectives of ensuring that the people of Australia enjoy the benefit of equivalent protection from air, water and soil pollution and from noise, wherever they live, and decisions by businesses are not distorted and markets are not fragmented by variations between jurisdictions in relation to the adoption or implementation of major environment protection measures. Complementary legislation establishing the National Environment Protection Council has been passed in all jurisdictions.


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