Fuel Standards Consultative Committee

The Committee is established as a formal consultation mechanism under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 (the Act). Under section 24A of the Act, the Minister must consult the Committee and have regard to its recommendations: before granting an approval to vary a fuel standard under section 13 (the Minister must also consult the Committee about the duration of the approval); before determining a fuel standard under section 21 or a fuel quality information standard under section 22A; before making a decision to enter in or remove from the Register of Prohibited Fuel Additives, a fuel additive, or class of fuel additives, under subsection 35(2) of the Act; and in preparing guidelines for more stringent standards under section 22.

For a list of members, visit the website above or click the Publications link below.


  • Chair

    Department of the Environment
  • Member

    Mr Paul Barrett

    Fuel Producers Member - Deputy Executive Director, Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Dr David Bowman

    Non-Government Member - Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Mr Brett Clifford

    Government Agency - NT Department of Transport
  • Ms Ann-Louise Crotty

    Government Agency - NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • Mr James Hurnall

    Car Manufacturers representative - Technical Director, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
  • Dr Bob Hyde

    Government Agency - Environment Division, Tasmania
  • Mr Guy Macklan

    Truck/Diesel Engine manufacturers Representative - National Engineering Manager. Detroit Diesel Allison Australia
  • Dr Andrew Mcdonald

    Government Agency - Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Mr David Power

    Government Agency - Environment Protection, ACT Government
  • Dr Robin Smit

    Government Agency - Chief Scientist, Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management
  • Mr Kelvyn Steer

    Government Agency - Manager, South Australian Environment Protection Authority
  • Dr Peter Taylor

    Government Agency - Manager, Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Mr Stephen Woolcott

    Government Agency - Commonwealth Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
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