Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

38-40 Urunga Parade, Miranda NSW 2228
Postal Address
PO Box 655, Miranda NSW 1490
(02) 9541 8333
(02) 9541 8303

ARPANSA is the Australian Government agency charged with responsibility for protecting the health and safety of people, and protecting the environment from the harmful effects of radiation. Specifically, ARPANSA is responsible for: promoting uniformity of radiation protection and nuclear safety policy and practices across jurisdictions of the Commonwealth, the States and the Territories; providing advice to government and the community on radiation protection, nuclear safety and related health issues; undertaking research and providing services in relation to radiation protection, nuclear safety and medical exposures to radiation; and regulating all Commonwealth entities (including departments, agencies and bodies corporate) that make use of radiation sources or nuclear facilities. Formed on 5.2.1999, by combining the resources and functions of the Nuclear Safety Bureau in Sydney and the Australian Radiation Laboratory in Melbourne and including additional functions.


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