Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office

A/H Phone
(02) 6261 3331

ASNO enhances Australian and International security through activities that contribute to effect regimes against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical and biological. The Director General reports directly to the responsible Minister, The Minister for Foreign Affairs. ASNO operates as a division within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Director General submits an annual report for ASNO that addresses the legislative requirements for each of the statutory offices. ASNO's predecessor, the Australian Safeguards Office (ASO) has existed since 1974, and was given a broad legislative foundation with the commencement of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Safeguards) Act in 1987. ASO, CWCO and ACTBO amalgamated under the name ASNO on 31 August 1998, with the name ASNO being formalised by Ministerial Designation on 12 May 2004.


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